FP Check 


FPCheck Brochure

A person may be required to be fingerprinted for many different non-criminal reasons. For example, school teachers, insurance agents or nurses may need to be fingerprint background checked in order to become employed or receive a professional license. We call these fingerprint transactions applicant checks. In the United States, each applicant check must be mandated or provided for by a Federal or state law. Statutes vary widely between the Federal government, international governments and states in the existing reasons for a fingerprint background check.

FPCheck is a service oriented transaction fee based approach to applicant fingerprint background checks. This service proceeds along the following steps:

  1. create an account on our secure web site, www.fpcheck.com, at a location where you are comfortable entering your personal data
  2. initiate a new background check on www.fpcheck.com by selecting the type of desired background check
  3. enter the required demographic data
  4. pay for the background check
  5. print the receipt
  6. follow the receipt's directions of when and where to be fingerprinted
  7. at the end of the fingerprinting session your background check is
    forwarded securely to the appropriate agency

FPCheck raises the bar in ease of use for applicant background check applications. To check availability of this service for your needs please contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .