inVize ID Enterprise edition manages your fingerprint transactions across multiple copies of inVize ID that individually utilize a common enterprise database. Since all fingerprint and demographic data is stored on a single master database, successful use of this solution depends on a solid network infrastructure that has access to the database at all times.

A common use of this system is to scan fingerprint cards with one set of inVize ID computers while other stations are used to key in demographic data from card images in a heads up manner. Another use includes scenarios in which fingerprint transaction data must be available to multiple parties in different locations. The primary use of this solution has been for applicant background checks but application in law enforcement have also been considered.

This system has several important security features. Since the permissions and security settings apply to individuals within inVize ID, the operator roles move with the operator as they move from one workstation to the next. In addition, concurrency control prevents one transaction from being modified on two workstations at the same time. Finally, audit trail data not only maintains the name of the operator that performed a tracked action but it also includes the computer name.

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