Extreme Environments

Extreme Environment

Live scan devices require design enhancements to operate in the most extreme environments. The digID XS is designed specifically for applications in these environments. Add in the portability of the digID XS with its proven performance in the worst of environments and this device becomes the device of choice.

Designed and tested to MIL-STD-810F specifications through an independent testing lab, the digID XS passed the following testing methods:

  • High Temperature storage (Method 501.4)
  • Low Temperature storage (Method 502.4)
  • Rain (Method 506.4)
  • Humidity (Method 507.4)
  • Vibration (Method 514.5)
  • Shock (Method 516.5)
  • Drop (Method 516.5)
  • Blowing Dust (Method 510.4)
  • High Temperature Operations (Method 504.1)
  • Solar Radiation (Method 505.4)
  • Salt Fog: (Method 509.4)

With no moving parts, a PC-ABS case, and shock-absorbing reinforcements, the digID XS is built to go anywhere. A sealed exterior and coated circuitry makes the XS resistant to water and corrosion. These features and our patented single connectivity USB cable provide the most rugged and highest value portable solution on the market.

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