Fingerprinting during the COVID-19 emergency

Fingerprinting is one of many services hampered by COVID-19 shutdowns, as police departments and commercial fingerprinting locations temporarily shut their doors to the public. But many fingerprinting needs remain critical for public service employees, nurses, doctors, and military contractors.

If this is impacting your work, we can help.

i3 Fingerprinting in as little as 3 days

To keep you running during this emergency, we’re offering our FBI-certified fingerprint scanner and software for 20% off, so that you can conduct fingerprinting in house. We can have you ready to go in as little as three days.

System requirements: Windows 10 with USB 2 or 3

Device and software price: $1,596.00

  • Transaction fee: $12.00*
  • Fingerprint card fee: $7.50*

*Fees are paid monthly.

A photo of a digID mini+

If you have any questions about our products or this offer, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

    Fingerprint cards are printed at our secure office, and will be mailed within one business day of scanning via USPS.

    Fingerprints are printed onto FD-258 cards.

    Note: You must ensure the agency you submit fingerprint cards to will accept these cards. Some agencies may have training requirements prior to using livescan equipment.