3D fingerprinting

Advancing fingerprint technology

Fingerprints tie us to our past actions, linking us to our personal history—our imprint on the world. Now, i3 is offering high-resolution 3D fingerprinting scanning technology in our Terrain and TerrainX devices to help make these histories even more complete and accurate.

With 3D fingerprinting, we offer our customers next-generation scanning technology to fortify personal security, verify and protect identity, and secure access.

A composite photo of a Terrain and TerrainX device on a 3D render of a fingerprint

Potential outcomes of 3D fingerprinting

  • 3D minutiae and curvature for better matching.
  • Improved image quality metrics.
  • Spoof resistance via high-performance spoof detection.

Another dimension of data

3D depth information captures more complicated geometric relationships between fingerprint features, including:

  • Volumes.
  • Surface area.
  • 3D gradients.
An image pointing out ridges, pores, lakes, and valleys on a fingerprint.

3D applied

3D technology provides the same abilities and features as 2D, plus another dimension of data. From the medical field to the licensing office, our 3D fingerprinting scanners can be used anytime a 2D FBI-certified livescan is required.

  • Law enforcement.
  • Background checks.
  • Surveillance.
  • Border control.
  • Fraud reduction.
  • Trusted traveler.
  • Physical access control.
  • Time and attendance.
  • Consumer recognition.
  • Remote authentication.
  • Asset protection.
  • Logical access control.
  • Medical diagnostics.

How could 3D fingerprinting help you?

Contact us to learn more about applications for this groundbreaking technology.