i3’s patented single connection approach to device interfacing allows our livescans to operate anywhere you take your computer. Innovation has not stopped there: we continually improve our products, processes, and services to deliver effective, highly reliable, user-friendly solutions.

A photo of TerrainX on the back of a truck


Introducing the first in a new class of certified FAP 60 livescan devices — the Terrain captures both traditional FBI-certified 2D images, as well as high-resolution 3D images.

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A photo of an i3 Terrain livescan device


The TerrainX pairs the Terrain with a hardened base plate and cover to allow 3D and 2D forensic-quality fingerprint scanning in almost any environment.

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A photo of a TerrainX livescan device

Introducing RX1000

Capture the hidden data in every print.

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A photo of the RX1000 device


i3 offers a variety of accessories to transport and clean your i3 livescan devices.

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A photo of a laptop with a scanner plugged in, running inVize ID

Card scanners

FBI-certified flatbed scanners convert hard copy fingerprint cards into fingerprint records that can be submitted electronically.

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A photo of the digID series

Legacy products

Support and information for i3’s legacy products.

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