i3 offers a variety of items to transport and clean your i3 livescan devices.

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A photo of an i3 carrying bag

Roller bag

The i3 roller bag is built for travelers providing mobile fingerprint services. Within its fitted interior, you can transport your i3 livescan device, supplies, files, and maybe even a change of clothes. The notebook computer fits readily within a protected pocket.  It is small enough to slide under most airplane seats.

A photo of an i3 Scan Enhancer package

Scan enhancer

i3’s scan enhancer is an antibacterial gel designed to enhance dry fingers for improved fingerprint scanning.

A photo of an i3 microfiber cloth

i3 proprietary microfiber cloth

i3’s microfiber towels are the newest evolution in cleaning technology. No larger than 1/100th of a human hair, the microfibers are woven together into a tight strand and then split into wedge-shaped filaments that collect dirt.

An image of the i3 dust cover

Dust cover

Keep the glass prism on your i3 livescan device protected when not in use with this handy and easy-to-use dust cover. Simple on/off operation with a straight-forward snapping action.

A photo of FBI FD-258 fingerprint card front and back

FBI FD-258 fingerprint cards

Get the most recent approved version of the FBI’s FD-258 fingerprint card.  Sold in packages of 50.