inVize Connect

Secure, remote synchronization

inVize ID Connect offers a secure, cost-efficient method of transferring fingerprint transactions from remote livescan systems to a single centralized location. Fingerprint transactions at your remote inVize ID locations are securely transmitted by synchronizing them into a single central database. One or more clients can access the centralized data to perform necessary tasks like submission to a clearinghouse.

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inVize Connect enables your remote inVize ID locations to merge their fingerprint transactions into a single copy of inVize ID. The inVize Connect server does not store Personally Identifying Information (PII), which makes it inherently more secure than Store-and-Forward systems that retain PII.


InVize ID Connect allows mobile systems to truly be independent — the remote system can capture fingerprint transactions without an internet connection. When an internet connection becomes available, the data can be synchronized and the transactions on the remote system automatically deleted.

inVize Connect runs on all Windows desktop and server operating systems since Windows XP — both 32-bit and 64 bit platforms, as well as Windows Server platforms.