A photo of the RX1000 scanning a person's finger



Unlock the hidden
data in every print

Pore-level precision

With twice the resolution of all existing tenprint livescan devices, RX1000 provides a significantly more accurate and detailed image of each print. With its unique technology, the RX1000 reliably captures high contrast level 3 details often used in forensic analysis. FBI certified images generated in 1000 or 500 pixels per inch.

An image showing the pores in a magnified fingerprint

Improve analysis

RX1000 is so advanced that it can provide an order of magnitude more matching points than previous tenprint livescan devices. Its ability to capture more pore level and edge detail and ability to capture prints from anyone bring more high-quality tools to forensic examiners and AFIS systems.

Fast one-time capture

Use a single, simple and fast print preparation step for every scan. Wet or dry. Worn or pristine. RX1000 advanced imaging technology captures any print quickly on the first try, saving time and frustration.

A photo of 4 fingers being scanned on the RX1000


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Shipping in second quarter 2024!