Located in Blacksburg, Va near Virginia Tech

Company Profile

Identification International, Inc. (“i3”) engages customers with products and services that deliver quality and value. By treating customers with integrity and as partners for successful outcomes, i3 addresses needs that range from large national deployments to small single office solutions. i3, a Blacksburg, VA headquartered company, has delivered leading edge products and solutions since its founding in 2004.

i3 combines industry knowledge and products into leading edge solutions. For example, we were the first manufacturer to FBI certify a truly portable fingerprint live scan device. This achievement formed the basis of our successful digID product line and the many patents resulting therefrom. Another example is the FPCheck fingerprinting service that has been designed with customer ease of use in mind.

The size, composition and efficiency of our company enables effective delivery of hardware, software and solutions. Two examples of this are the digID series scanners that are built from 85+% U.S. sourced parts and our inVize ID software that has been completely designed and written in Blacksburg. Research and development, manufacturing and support are based in our VA corporate headquarters. The overall result to you: our products, services and solutions deliver the highest value in the market today.