i3 works closely with our Partner network of Dealers and Resellers to deliver biometric solutions tailored to your needs. Bringing together industry leading technology with the experience and resources of our Partners, i3 delivers solutions carrying the highest value for the customer. We proudly present our Dealers and Resellers below and we solicit your feedback on how we can continually improve your experiences with us through these Dealers and Resellers.

Dealer Network

Dealers sell i3 products and support end-users in defined markets and geographies. Dealers incorporate inVize ID software and the digID scanners into packaged systems that provide turn-key locally supported solutions.

Just contact us and we’ll direct you to the right connection for you to begin your conversation.

If your organization would like to consider becoming an i3 Dealer, contact us for details.

i3 Dealers include:


Covers: AL, MS


Covers: OH, OR, FL, AR



Value-added Resellers integrate i3’s digID scanners with their applications by using our device SDK. These tailored solutions are then delivered by the Reseller to meet the specific market need.

If you have specific requirements that our current Resellers do not address, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project needs.

If your organization is interested in becoming an i3 Reseller, contact us for details.