Application Background Checks

Applicant Background Checks

A person may be required to be fingerprinted for many different non-criminal reasons. For example, school teachers, insurance agents or nurses may need fingerprint background checks in order to become employed or receive a professional license. We call these checks applicant checks. In the United States, each applicant check must be mandated or provided for by a Federal or state law. The number and types of statutes vary widely between states and the Federal government.

i3’s turn-key live scan solution applies to any organization that needs to perform applicant fingerprint background checks. Our Windows©-based application features a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to install and operate. These inVize ID and digID Mini based live scan systems are widely deployed for applications such as school employees, coaches, health care workers, day care providers, housing authorities, financial institutes, insurance providers and many more. In addition, our digID devices are used by many service providers that perform similar background check services.

The i3 background check solution consists of 3 primary components:

  • digID 10 print live scan device
  • laptop or desktop computer
  • inVize ID software application

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