Mobile Background Checks

Mobile Background Checks

Many entities take full advantage of the portability and ease of use of i3 products and collect background checks on the go! Whether you’re a mobile notary, private investigator or security officer servicing a partner company, there are practically no-restraints in how you can choose to operate. Once you collect the background checks in the field, these background checks can be submitted electronically or printed to cards when you connect to the proper services.  

To go mobile, five items are necessary:

  • digID Mini live scan device
  • inVize ID Basic edition software
  • Laptop computer with Windows operating system
  • Support for the transactions you will collect
  • Don’t forget … a travelling case

For those enrolled in, or exploring the FPCheck service, as long as you have an internet connection you can take your service offering on the road as well! While policy may confine you to the boundaries of your facility sometimes, in the absence of such policy the only boundaries are your imagination and internet access speed.

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